The Best Price for Your Budget

Staff at Ardmore Regional Surgery Center

Transparent Surgery Pricing in Ardmore, OK

At Ardmore Regional Surgery Center, we're dedicated to being honest and open with our patients. We provide transparent surgery pricing and affordable medical services in Ardmore, OK to make our patients' experience more manageable and cost-effective. We'll guide you throughout the estimate and payment process, accounting for your procedure details and insurance coverage to get the best price point for you. As compassionate surgeons with years of experience, we understand how worrisome paying for surgery can be for our patients. We'll work directly with you, your primary physician, and your insurance provider to establish pricing that fits within your budget.

How We Develop Your Estimate

We strive to prepare and provide accurate, honest estimates for our patients before surgery. Your estimate will depend on many factors. If you have additional services, procedures, or requests after your surgery, they may be included in your final costs. The amount you pay will also depend on the complexity and severity of your procedure and how much will be covered by insurance. Though some cases vary, here's how we typically assess a patient's needs and devise estimates and prices for their surgical care:
  • Procedure Details
  • Number of Procedures or Services Requested
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Insurance Provider Name
  • Insurance Coverage Type(s)

How to Prepare for Your Estimate

If you have insurance, speaking with your provider before your procedure is crucial. Your provider can give details about your coverage and how much costs they can cover. Make sure to inform your provider of your procedure's details and services so that they can determine your coverage. After you give us insurance coverage information, we can determine how much you'll pay out of pocket. Preparing your coverage may help save you significantly on your surgery and additional services. We accept a wide range of payment types. Ardmore Regional Surgery Center will do everything possible to accommodate your budget.