See Better, Feel Better

Ophthalmologist checking the eye vision of a young man

Responsible Eye Surgeon in Ardmore, OK

Ardmore Regional Surgery Center restores sight and well-being by providing an eye surgeon for Ardmore, OK patients. Many people are affected by eye diseases, illnesses, and conditions yearly. We specialize in improving the quality of lenses, corneas, eye structures, and more. We aim to enhance our patients' eyesight and health by removing and preventing threats. We carefully assess patients in our accommodating, cutting-edge office to determine if and which surgery is right for them. You can trust us to conduct safe and quick procedures and provide a personalized post-surgery care plan, enabling you to get back to your life.

For Clear Vision and Healthy Eyes

Ophthalmology, or ocular surgery, comprises medical surgeries intended to improve the health and safety of the eye and its structures, like the eyelids and eyebrows. There are many different types of ocular surgery methods and techniques, all of which serve differing purposes. However, their common goals include improving the patient's eyesight and removing any health threats or risks. Whether you need cataracts removed, corneas reshaped, or enhanced vision quality, we have a solution for you. We treat patients with the following eye conditions:
  • Cataracts
  • Eye Cancers
  • Glaucoma
  • Corneal Replacements
  • Retina, Macula, and Vitreous Fluids
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Eye Removal

Your Vision Is Our Top Priority

Your eyes are among the most sensitive parts of your body. They are essential to your senses and have one of the most crucial jobs: helping you see. They require exceptional care before, during, and after your procedures. As trained surgeons with years of experience, it's our duty to recommend the right surgeries for our patients according to their condition and health. Ardmore Regional Surgery Center considers all aspects, like the procedural benefits, risks, complications, and recovery time, to determine the patient's candidacy for eye surgery. Our team follows strict safety protocols and conducts surgeries carefully, boosting the chances of favorable outcomes.