Show Off Your Child's Smile

Dentist examining young boy's mouth

Improving Children's Lives and Health

When the unexpected occurs, and your child needs a surgical dental procedure, Ardmore Regional Surgery Center will be there for you. We are a free-standing outpatient clinic providing a children's dental surgeon in Ardmore, OK. We've proudly served small children and adolescents for over 20 years. Our facility comprises two state-of-the-art operating rooms, accommodations, and a welcoming, dedicated staff. We provide routine and emergency surgical care to remedy a wide range of dental issues, from sudden trauma to longstanding medical conditions. We are fully trained, licensed, and certified to care for children of all ages and medical histories.

Committed Surgical Care for Children and Teens

Luckily, children don't often need dental surgery. However, surgical procedures may be required to eliminate and prevent severe oral diseases and conditions. Your child may need our care if their teeth or gums have experienced trauma or a dental emergency. If the worst happens and your child needs oral surgery, you can count on us. We provide a highly trained and specialized team to comfort you and your child. We address and provide care for the following pediatric dental conditions:
  • Exodontia or Dental Extractions
  • Retained Teeth Removal
  • Labiodental and Lingual Frenulum
  • Erupted Teeth
  • Congenital Teeth Conditions
  • Tumor Removal and Emergency Dental Surgery

The Highest Care For Your Child

At Ardmore Regional Surgery Center, we're responsible for keeping children safe and improving their oral health. Experiencing a pediatric dental emergency can cause fear and worry for the child and the parent. We aim to calm and comfort you before, during, and after your child's dental surgery. We provide young children and adolescents with an accommodating atmosphere. If your child is scared and in pain, we can provide much-need distractions before surgery to alleviate their worries. We follow the strictest care and safety protocols for your peace of mind. After surgery, we'll help develop an aftercare plan so your child heals quickly.