Relief for Your Feet

Senior woman talks with doctor about foot x-ray

Restorative Foot Surgery in Ardmore, OK

If you suffer from severe, chronic, or acute foot pain or dysfunction, the Ardmore Regional Surgery Center can help you. We are a free-standing outpatient clinic providing podiatric care, including foot surgery for Ardmore, OK patients. As licensed, certified, and seasoned podiatric surgeons, we evaluate, diagnose, and treat many foot and ankle conditions. We treat injuries and abnormalities with compassion and the highest quality care. We strive to improve our patients' mobility, safety, and abilities. We provide affordable services, pain relief, and preventative care, helping patients recover quickly. Getting you back to normal is among our top priorities.

Treating Foot, Ankle, and Heel Conditions

There are many factors that may cause a patient to require podiatric surgery. The body can recover itself from foot and ankle injuries like sprains and twists if they are minor, but it cannot heal significant or prolonged injuries. Torn tendons need surgery to reconnect. Some conditions, like bunions and hammer toes, are biological or hereditary. Over time, they may worsen and cause pain, discomfort, or difficulty fitting into footwear. We can thoroughly assess and diagnose your condition and devise a treatment plan. Our surgeons help patients suffering from the following and more:
  • Bunions
  • Hammer Toes
  • Heels
  • Tendons
  • Foot and Ankle Arthritis
  • Benign Enlargement Removal

A Comprehensive Foot Diagnosis Process

The Ardmore Regional Surgery Center begins by meeting with our patients, reviewing their medical history, and learning about their current pain and symptoms. We then perform a basic physical exam where we analyze observable symptoms. We may ask patients to walk or move their feet and toes and record their reactions. Our team provides cutting-edge imaging, graphs, and sensory testing to understand the entirety of their issue. Some patients want to relieve chronic unrelenting pain, while others cannot walk or move due to their condition. We have years of experience providing surgical procedures for all foot injuries and abnormalities.